Monday, 10 December 2012

We have a truck!

We have a truck at last. It arrived yesterday afternoon and therefore we are heading off in the truck for the first time this afternoon. Yesterday I went glacier walking at the Viedma Glacier south of where we have been staying. Good fun walking with crampons for the first time and some of the icebergs we saw in Lake Viedma (you have to take a boat to the glacier) were amazing. I will upload some of the photos when I have a faster internet connection.

Today we are heading South towards the Torres del Paine national park in Chile. First bush camp tonight and first boarder crossing tomorrow. We have a fair bit of time in the national park (4 days), so I am hoping to get some more trekking in, together with possible some kyaking and mountain biking. Still very windy where we are, but much warmer than back home. It will however get colder as we head South. Brief update as the internet connection down here is rubbish!


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