Sunday 2 December 2012

Sunday Bike Ride

One week down, 27 to go! I had a free day today, so hired a mountain bike in town to explore the countryside around Puerto Madryn. Being honest, there is not a huge amount to see apart from sandy beaches, but it was good to get out on a bike and there were some good local trails to have some fun on. I also managed to find the memorial commemorating the landing by the Welsh settlers in 1865, where the town is actually named after the Welsh home of the colonist, Jones Parry. I cannot say that the town feels very Welsh now days, but there are lots of sheep.

Unfortunately the truck is still stuck up north, so tomorrow we are going to have to take another overnight long distance coach to El Chalten, right down in the Southern tip of Argentina. The town is close to the Los Glaciares National Park and surrounded by the stunning peaks and glaciers of the FitzRoy mountain range. I am planning to try ice trekking or ice climbing, which should be great fun if a little cold (time to break out the down jacket). Considering the weather during the first week (30+ with sunshine each day), it will actually be quite nice to experience some cooler weather.

I hope you are all enjoying the snow and ice back in the UK and it is good to see that the mighty Canaries continue to win. 9 matches unbeaten now, which must be close to a record in the top flight.


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