Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Where’s our truck?

Not the best start to the trip as our truck is currently stuck in Montevideo, but we will press on regardless. Apparently there are still some shipping issues in Latin America following Hurricane Sandy, which has caused the delay. Tomorrow I therefore have the joys of an overnight coach to Puerto Madryn, about 700 miles or so down the coast. On the plus side I have been led to believe that long distances Argentinean coaches are a lot better than National Express, so I am hoping for Champaign and oysters all the way!

It was good to finally meet everyone last night and as expected we have a good mix of nationalities. Mainly Brits, but we also have Ozzies, Irish, South African, French and Danes aboard. They seem a friendly bunch and I look forward to getting to know everyone better (and remembering all 24 names) over the coming days.   

The last couple of days have been spent exploring the numerous parks and wetlands of Buenos Aires. A very green city with some lovely gardens and nature reserves. The Botanical Gardens are especially nice and home to a large number of very friendly (and rude) cats.

I hope it has finally stopped raining back in the UK. I will not say what the weather has been like out here, as it will just make you all jealous!


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