Friday, 30 November 2012

El nombre es Bond, James Bond

Well the 18 hour coach journey was better than expected, with great seats that almost reclined fully, a fine selection and drinks and snacks and Hollywood blockbusters dubbed into Spanish. James Bond speaking Spanish is somehow not quite right!

We are now staying in a small seaside town called Puerto Madryn, close to the Valdes Peninsula. The area is famous for wildlife watching and tomorrow we hope to see whales, elephant seals and sea lions on the peninsula. Fingers crossed. Our base is a nice hostel in the centre of town. As with most hostels it has a kitchen that guests can use, so tonight I am planning to cook for myself which will make a nice change. Fresh pasta with a nice Argentinean Malbec, should be good.

Still no news on the truck, but hopefully it should catch us up in the next couple of days. We are in Puerto Madryn until Monday, so it should be a fairly relaxing weekend by the sea ahead.

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