Sunday 25 November 2012

Buenos Aires

Sorry to everyone back home in wet and windy Britain, but the weather in Buenos Aires is gorgeous! Sunshine and in the low twenties, just right. One thing that travel does do is make you realise that the weather in the UK is usually pants for about 8 months of the year (or 11 this year). I know it may be a bit dull to have sunshine most days, but better than rain most days!

For those of you thinking of coming out to Brazil for the World Cup or Rio Olympics, TAM is a good airline to fly with, but good luck navigating Sau Paulo Airport. I was not quite name checked on the tannoy system, but a two hour transfer turned into a mad 15 minute dash to find gate 04b after the joys of security and the obligatory delayed flight from Heathrow. Can someone also please explain the film ‘Prometheus’ to me. I know it is probably not best watched on a tiny screen and with tinny sound, but It made no sense! Ridley Scott, please stick to making top quality road bikes as used by the Lotto Belisol team.

For someone use to travelling in developing countries, Buenos Aires has a much more developed, European feel about it, which is probably why they call it the South American Paris (it says so on my KLM sponsored map, so it must be true). The driving is certainly very Parisian and there are also lots of clapped out Renaults! I have also spotted a few fantastically named VW CrossFox. A fox crossed with a cheap Brazillian made supermini?

Tomorrow I am planning to go on a guided tour of the city by bike, which should be interesting.


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