Monday 26 November 2012

Don't cry for me Argentina

I am not sure about the Paris of South America, but Buenos Aires is certainly a very nice city and well worth a visit. Today I have seen a giant 23m flower made out of metal and weighting 18 tons, visited the grave of Evita and been to the Falklands War memorial which is next to Torre Monumental, a large clock tower gifted to Argentina by Britain in 1910?

Luckily it was a public holiday today so the roads were a lot quieter than usual. A combination of some strange road layouts and erratic driving does not make it that easy on a bike, but at least the city is pancake flat. A much better way to see a city than on your usual open air tour bus.

Tomorrow I get to meet the travelling companions I will be spending the next 6 months or so with. Meeting at 17:00 and than some bonding over dinner. The rest of the week will be spent heading South along the Atlantic coast. I asked my guide Maria today what the roads in Argentina are generally like and apparently they are good in the North. I think it could be a bumpy few weeks!


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