Wednesday, 10 April 2013


Hello from Quito, Ecuador. Country number six in South America and a very interesting one indeed. Because I am off to the Galapagos Islands for 5 days tomorrow we do not actually get much time in mainland Ecuador, so it is certainly somewhere I would like to come back to and explore some more.

Ecuador has some truly stunning scenery and yesterday I was able to spend the day exploring the countryside around Otavalo, a market town North of the capital. Located in the hill outside of town, we stayed at an interesting hostel called ‘Rose Cottage’, which as the name suggests is owned by an English family (a photo of the hostel can be seen below). Lots of British touches, including a large union flag celebrating the marriage of Wills & Kate!

Ecuador also has a number of active volcanoes and last night we were able to watch some eruptions near to the hostel. Only small scale stuff, but it does make you realise how vulnerable many of the towns and villages are.

The other thing Ecuador is famous for is of course the Equator and today we were able to stop on the Equator where there is a giant sun dial to mark the spot. Officially back in the Southern Hemisphere for the rest of the trip.

Off to the Galapagos Isles tomorrow for a 5 day boat trip aboard the good ship Darwin. The Galapagos Isles have long been on my wish list of places to visit, so it will be great to be able to experience the amazing bird and marine life first hand. Be prepared for lots of wildlife photos!


Rose Cottage

A local waterfall

Center of the world!

Giant sun dial, with the truck in the background

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