Tuesday 29 January 2013

Southern Pantanal

Apologies for the delay in updating the blog, but I have either been without internet access, or very busy over the past week or so.
Two days staying in the Santa Clara eco lodge and campsite in the Southern Pantanal, Brazil. As well as being able to enjoy wonderful traditional Brazilian cooking, I have been horse riding, on a jeep and boat safari and piranha fishing (I caught 3, two Yellow Piranha & one Purple Piranha). Great fun even if the heat (35-40 degrees) and humidity do take it out of you.

The piranha fishing was especially good fun and was a bit like crab fishing, but with bamboo rods. Everyone managed to catch something and we were able to enjoy some very tasty deep fried piranha for lunch (tastes like cod, very nice).

I enjoyed the horse riding more than I thought, with my horse, Teniko being a very well behaved mare. Not a huge amount to see during our 1 ½ ride, but we did manage to find some impressive Jaguar prints and some more of the local birds. No sight of Jaguars during our stay, but as the photos show we managed to see quite a lot of the local wildlife. Next stop Paraty and the coast after some very long driving days.


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