Saturday, 12 January 2013

Esteros del Ibera National Park

Hello from Santa Ana, Argentina, home to an abandoned Jesuit missions colony and not much else. But at least the campsite has a pool and a nice bar. Apologies for the delay between updates, but we have either been on the road or in the sticks with no internet coverage.  

Unfortunately we have mainly been driving for the past few days, but we did manage to spend a free day at Esteros del Ibera National Park in North East Argentina, close to the boarder with Brazil. This is an extensive wetland national park containing over 60 lakes. We were staying at a nice, if basic campsite on the shores of Laguna Ibera, close to the small town of Carlos Pellegrini. The lake would have been lovely to swim in, were it not for the 6 foot black caiman lurking under the water. Think alligators, but slightly smaller. The park is however a heaven for wildlife and during our time there I was able to see caiman, marsh deer, capybara and pampas cavy. Capybara are the world’s largest rodent and look a bit like giant guinea pigs and pampas cavy are basically wild guinea pigs. Long lost cousins of George and Mr Brown Ears! I will upload some photos when I have a faster internet connection.

Not much else to report I am afraid. Tomorrow we are off to Iguaza Falls on the boarder of Argentina and Brazil. Apparently the falls are amazing and well worth the couple of days we have to explore. The other bonus is that we finally get to leave Argentina, horary! Not a country I have warmed to and not one I plan to return to post 2013. So much potential, but if you every want to see how not to run a country, come to Argentina. It does however have a President called Cristina. Hopefully Brazil will be a lot better, even if I know absolutely zero Portuguese (could be interesting).


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