Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Angel Falls

 Probably the biggest single tourist attraction in Venezuela is Canaima National Park and Angel Falls, the world’s highest waterfall (979m – its longest single drop is 807m). Not cheap to visit as you have to fly, but certainly worth the expense and effort to see amazing table mountains, lush rainforest and incredible waterfalls. We spent an excellent two days exploring the park, my personal highlight being able to walk behind Sapo and Sapito Falls, a unique experience. Unfortunately we are in the middle of the dry season so there was very little water going down Angle Falls, but it was good to see none the less, if only for the amazing setting. You can certainly see why the falls were only discovered by the West in 1935 (they are named after Jimmie Angel, the US Airman who first reported their existence), as they are in a truly remote setting. During the dry season you have to take a small plane to see the falls, which is an adventure in itself considering the turbulence, sheer rock faces and dare devil pilots. I was quite glade to make it back without having to use the sick bag and seriously considered kissing the tarmac in the style of Pope John Paul II back at the airport!

The below photos do not really do the national park justice, but give an idea as to how beautiful it is. We are now off to the coast to enjoy some well deserved beach time. I hope everyone is enjoying the snow back home, still very, very hot out here, with sub 25 degrees a distant memory. Hopefully it will cool down when we hit the mountains in a few weeks time. Internet is rather sketchy in Venezuela, so I will try to add a few more details over the coming days.



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