Sunday 3 February 2013

Sunny Porto Seguro

Hello from Porto Seguro on the Discovery Coast, or Safe Port in English. The good news is that we have now left the rain behind and found the sun again. Horary! Porto Seguro makes the spot where the Portuguese first landed in Basil in 1500 and is one of the top beach destinations in the country, with lovely sandy beaches and warm seas. Unfortunately we are only here for one day, so a nice relaxing day or R&R is in order after all of the travelling since Rio. We are now on our way to Salvador for the start of carnival next week, hoping from beach resort to beach resort as we go.

As we are in the tourism heartland of Brasil, the campsites are getting a lot better and this one even has a gym, swimming pool and live Premiership football. What more could you want! First weights workout for two months today, so I will probably be unable to move tomorrow. I also went for a nice run along the beach, the added bonus being that when you get too hot you simply cool off in the sea. Not sure if that would work back home!

I hope all is well back in Blighty and now that we are in February it starts to warm up again.  


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